Adam Werritty’s Middle Eastern Relations

(First Published October 18, 2011)

Recent revelations are quite telling of the dynamics of our Government. Liam Fox’s “employee” Adam Werritty has been all around the World claiming Commons accountability and extending his businesses deals internationally thanks to his self-alleged “role” within the commons (a role that neither Fox nor Werritty could agree on it’s exact title.)

Despite Werritty’s alleged ability to speak some Farsi and act as a “facilitator” between our Middle Eastern friends, any allegations that he was indeed a “freelance spy” have been totally dismissed. I mean, it’s not like Mr Fox had any idea of the activities of Mr Werritty, and God-forbid any accusations that Mr Fox would simply turn a blind eye to his employees business to then allow information to be provided to the British Government on an unofficial and off-the-record basis… Surely that would have been picked up on during one of the Government’s thorough monitors or checks?

The reality is that with an official Government pass (however it may be obtained) your business will boom. With an International audience and an unrestricted access-all-areas pass, the Government’s official stamp will double your profits, increase your clinetele and ensure a very lucrative business future when you take all that politics rubbish into account…

Government regulation? Pffft. It’s not necessary so long as the big-guns are making the money, right?


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