The Changing Face of Labour

– Ed Milibands “pathetic” leadership

(Moved post – first published June 17, 2011)

Not only were Labour beaten by a humiliating land-slide victory to the Tories in the most recent local elections, but it seems that the defeated party are no closer to winning back votes across the country.

It seems Labour are struggling to hold onto their ties in the unions and the working class as people are increasingly losing faith in their intentions.  The Tory-esque plans and ideas are evidently still within the party and the lack of subtlety is insulting.

Miliband (E) has recently been quoted saying “I’m not only relaxed about [business people] getting rich, I applaud it.” That sounds great on the surface. Anyone with an interest in the economy is in support of wealth creation as that is how we rebuild the economy, but it comes across slightly flippant and without much thought.

Throughout his party’s time in Government (The Blair/Brown era), the Labour party were shockingly uncommitted to the values of their supporters and members. Capitalist strategies and big-business favours meant that they were never really looking out for the working class. Instead, they successfully created the largest wealth gap seen in this country since the early 1900’s. The income inequality in Britain has grown substantially and the reality is that, using the current economic system (capitalism), the rich getting richer simply means that the poor get poorer.

You see, there isn’t a correct equation for an equal society in a capitalist culture because it just cannot work. A working-class person on minimum wage (or thereabouts) will never receive back what they’ve earned. If you look at your working life as a simple investment, you will realise that the average worker will never see returns on the money that he has invested in his life. Not even half-of. The worker will be paying twice as much for something half-as good. That is the result of capitalism for the majority of the population: for it’s small business owners, for its teachers, for its nurses, for its builders, for the hard-workers – for the substance and make-up of society.

So why are the party, who were built by the unions in the interest of Britain’s workers, adopting, supporting and championing the ideas that will ruin any chance or potential of economic recovery? They’ve taken all our money and are still expecting us to pay off their debts? With what exactly?! Lord Forsyth, Conservative and ex-MP for Stirling made a comment on a recent episode of popular political television program “Question Time” that in bad economic times (such as the recession) British people are more like to be saving than spending.  An audience member was quick to point out that British people would love to have the luxury of being able to save or spend. The point is, the exchequers purse may be tight, but the British public’s is empty.

Since the policies that Miliband (E) openly supported have already been tried and tested – and failed – the Tories can impose their class-focused, money-minded, power-hungry cuts with virtually no opposition.

So if Ed is honest in his declarations that Labour must change tack on policy to win back voters who have deserted them, then he’s clocked onto the fact that they are in the wilderness of politics, and yes that is the first step to finding their way back. However it is becoming more apparent that it is not Labour, or the Tories, or even the Lib Dems who have failed the people. It is the system. It is the cross-party policies; the murky brown colour of our Government (regardless of their official party title), and it is the lies fed to us by the ruling class.

The “changing face of Labour” is simply the idea that the 3 main parties are indistinguishable and the PR faces used as a logo for each business is a joke to anyone who believes in real democracy. Miliband, Clegg and Cameron are essentially, the same puppet.


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