Tuition Fee – Déjà vu

Nick Clegg on DaybreakThe Independent reported that the “Lib Dems risk backlash with possible election pledge to cut tuition fees” (Jan 16, 2013).

Yes, you read the date right, I haven’t just stumbled across an old article. The old ‘reign in the students’ policy is back and despite key figures in the party saying they’ve made no certain decisions yet (Vince Cable’s not on board) discussions are ongoing.

Shockingly, Ministers have started to realise that perhaps the protesters had a point and the outrageously expensive tuition fees in this country might actually be putting students off applying for university. Who’d’ve thunk it?

It seems quite incredible that Nick Clegg and his merry men would even think about addressing the issue of tuition fees after the catastrophic 2010 election humiliation that led to Clegg’s public apology to students. You might have thought it would be a tender subject and one that he would be better off leaving alone altogether rather than audaciously pledging another hopeless idea that will be laughed out of the Commons.

The voters who led the Lib Dems to the (albeit pitiful) success in 2010 are the very same who he desperately let down. Everyone remembers the yellow party’s promise to scrap tuition fees and then their sudden tripling instead. What on earth makes this politically disastrous fool think that any student or potential student would ever trust a word that comes out of his mouth anyway?

Discussions include suggesting a lower cap on fees at (a bargain price of) £6,000. You might be forgiven for thinking this might have been a politically motivated fairytale from the beginning. One might even suggest that the Lib Dems promise to cut them, then in fact triple them so that once they have spent a few years in power and gained a little fame they could win over our hearts and minds again with a promise of cutting the fees back down. Horah! Clegg to the rescue. Except £6,000 is already much higher than the original fees…

Games, games, games.

It has almost become boring to fit into the stereotype of a student who detests, no wait, ridicules the Lib Dems. How very predictable. But all I can say is that I hope my generation, potential students and new voters do not buy into the parody that is Clegg and recognise the laughingstock for exactly that. We don’t want him anywhere near our tuition fees, ever again.


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